Update: Improved map display

Context menu

There is a new conext menu available by right clicking on the map. This menu provides options to change the display properties.

Context menu in the map

Markers at the frame of the map

At the sides of the map markers will appear to indicate WT-sites which are located outside the area currently shown on the map.

Update: Improved results presentation in wake2e

Using customised WT labels in the map

In the project settings the user may define whether the wind turbine's number ("WT 1") or its name (the "ID" column in the WT list) shall be displayed as label in the map.  To do so choose "Map display" in the menu "Extended settings". After saving this change the map will be rebuilt.
This setting does not change after resetting the project, loading a new project or logging in or off.

Update: Project reviews

We have updated the wake2e website. Project reviews are now available as a new feature.

Project reviews

By creating a project review the user may present a wind farm layout e.g. to a coworker or a client in order to discuss the details. The project information (input file and result file) of the current project will be copied and displayed in wake2e. A project review is available for seven days. Further details about this feature are provided in the online documentation.


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