Update: Extended pdf-report

The wake2e version 3.9-18 released today brings two new topics to the PDF report: Tables with alternative curtailments as well as an overview of the five closest active neighbours of each WT.

Alternative Curtailments

If a WT is protected by cutting off a neighbouring WT, the WT to be protected may alternatively be cut off itself. If an operating mode is used as curtailment, the curtailed WT or the WT to be protected may alternatively be cut off.
These alternative curtailments are now shown in additional tables in the report.

Update: User-defined calculation variants and curtailment groups

Wake2e version 3.9-15, released today, provides user-defined calculation variants and grouping of curtailments.

User-defined calculation variants

The calculation variants introduced in version 3.9-14 have been extended: Now it is possible to add your own calculation variants in addition to the predefined variants "Situation prior to WT installation (prior case)" and "Situation after WT installation (default case)".

Update: Configurable calculation variants and calculation reports

Version 3.9-14 of the wake2e software introduces calculation variants to manage and configure the main parameters of your calculations interactively. Furthermore the „Report“ view has been added to provide and generate project reports.

Calculation variants

Up till now you could simply calculate your wind farm or could choose “calculate and compare” which gives you the results for your planned configuration ("standard case") as well as the results without the planned WTs. This concept was now generalized by the introduction of calculation variants.

Update: Results display for extended wind speed ranges

Wake2e has been updated to version 3.9-9. The result display of the extended wind speed range (3-29m/s) introduced in version 3.9-8 was optimized: The range of the wind speed dependent results was adjusted in a way that the extended wind speed range of a wind turbine will only be displayed, if all relevant neighbours have a complete data set for the extended wind speed range.

Update: Extended wind bin range from 3 to 29m/s

With the introduction of version 3.9-8 of wake2e the range of regarded wind bins is extended from 5-20m/s to 3-29m/s.

Therefore the wind turbine library was revised and updated to version 1.6.207. For some older wind turbines the necessary data for the extended range of wind bins is missing. In these cases a warning will be emitted by wake2e. However, we are working with the wind turbine manufacturers to fill these data gaps.

We hope that you will appreciate the new features and we are looking forward to your feedback.

Update: map view including hillshading and air density values in the result file

With the introduction of version 3.8.6-7 hill-shading was added to the map in the "project view" of wake2e.
Additionally for projects in Germany you will find the average annual air density at hub height of the wind turbine in your result file in chapter "RESULTS,other"

We hope that you will appreciate the new features and we are looking forward to your feedback.


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