Update: New Spreadsheet Display of the Results

New structure of the interface based on different "views"

The wake2e interface is now devided into so called "views" which shall lead to a more clear and structured presentation of the results.

wake2e got project views

"Project View"

The previous appearance of wake2e has now moved to the "project view". Still all input data may be entered in this view and this is also where the calculations will be started. As before you will also find the map showing the wind farm layout in the "project view".

"Calculation Log View"

Right after running the calculation the steps of the calculation process will be shown in the "calculation log view".

"Results View"

The "results view" is a new feature in the interface. Here the effective turbulence intesities are listed as a function of wind speed for alle WTs in the wind farm.

Exceedances will be highlighted and there is an option to show the level of the exceedances.

In addition to that there are some further functions as e.g. a filter which enables you to show and hide the WTs depending on their status.

Comparison with the situation prior to the installation of the planned WTs

In case your wind farm includes existing WTs and you choose the option "Calculate and compare" instead of just "Calculate" the effective turbulence intensities prior to the installation of the planned WTs and the differences compared to the situation after installation will be shown additionally.

The comparison between those two situations will be presented in the "results view".

In the "project view" you will also find a zip-archive for download which contains all output files for the situation prior to installation.

Table showing the calculation results including results prior to installation


Remarks on how to submit a wake2e-calculation for a F2E-report

A new chapter called "Preparation of a F2E-report" has been added to the documentaion of wake2e. It contains a list of remarks on how to prepare and to submit a wake2e-calculation for a F2E-report.