Update: New features in wake2e

With this release we have added the following features to wake2e.

User-defined slope parameter of the S/N-curve

The effective turbulence intensities are calculated for specific types of material. The relevant parameter of material is the slope parameter of the S/N-curve. Normally you do not need to care about this as the slope parameters of the S/N-curve needed for the calculation are part of the data library in wake2e. The values in this library refer to the weakest material (the blade) because this is needed for the assessment of site suitability based on a comparison of wind conditions.

If you would like to calculate effective turbulence intensities for other slope parameters of the S/N-curve you can now set this value in the menu “Project start” under “Extended settings” or specify it in the input file in input line 15.

New design values

We have added design values for IEC Ed.3 turbulence category S (I-ref = 18%) to the list of design curves of turbulence.