Update: user defined settings for the file format and message display after login

We have updated the wake2e website. User defined settings for the format of csv files can now be defined. Furthermore messages concerning news or updates will now be displayed on the “user data” page after login.

User defined settings for the file format of csv files

After uploading the input files it is possible to define the file format of the result files in a new dialog called "Extended settings". Here you can specify which field separator (comma or semicolon) and decimal separator (comma or point) should be used for your output files. Default values are the separators used in the input file of the project.

These settings permit e.g. the use of input files with a csv file format different from the one you would like to use for the result files in the download menu.

Display of messages after user login

At the right side of the “user data” page you'll find messages, which provide information about e.g. website updates or maintenance periods. Users can close the messages after reading.

The calculation program itself is not affected by these changes.

We hope you like the new features and we are looking forward to your feedback.