Update: Improved calculation with full evaluation of site suitability

Version 3.10-20 of the wake2e software allows wake2e users to perform a complete assessment of the site suitability of planned wind turbines. To achieve this, a comprehensive database with the complete design values of the most common WT types has been provided for wake2e. Thus, the design values required for the evaluation of site suitability can be specified directly during the calculation. For planned wind turbines it is recommended to use a complete design instead of the usual turbulence intensity setting.

The design can simply be selected in the WT editor when configuring the wind farm as long as design values are available for this WT type.

WT editor with design selection

After the calculation, a qualitative results overview is part of the calculation report. This table lists the most important calculation results in a very compact form, including an assessment of the suitability of the WT location.

wake2e report with a qualitative results overview

We are currently preparing our extensive f2e-internal database for use in wake2e and thus continuously expanding our offer. If a design for one of your WT types is not yet available, please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary data in the near term. We hope you like the new version of wake2e and look forward to your feedback.