Update: Use Office documents directly as input file

The wake2e website has been updated. From now on, input files can  be uploaded to wake2e in Office file format.

In addition to the familiar CSV files spreadsheet documents in Microsoft Excel format (file extension ".xlsx") and LibreOffice format (file extension ".ods") can now also be uploaded. Thus, the previous export of spreadsheets from the Office program to CSV is no longer necessary.

Illustration related to topic "Use Office documents directly as input file"

With this update it’s also possible to combine multiple spreadsheets into one spreadsheet document. Thus only one file with multiple spreadsheets needs to be uploaded to wake2e instead of multiple, individual CSV files. When uploading, the spreadsheets of an office document can be assigned to the individual wake2e input files - any other spreadsheets will be ignored.

More information about using Office documents can be found in the online documentation.