Update: Calculation variants and improved constraint groups in the report

The wake2e website has been updated. Version 3.11-24 adds the calculation variants to the report and improves the display of constraints (BBS). In addition, the usability of the wake2e application has been improved in several places:

  • Section 2.5 "Calculation Variants" has been added to the report, providing a quick overview of the different calculation variants.

    Due to the newsection, the listing of the used curtailment groups in the report could be made much clearer. These can now be found in chapter 2.6.
    Furthermore, by popular request, the identifier of the WT in addition to the WT number has been included in the curtailments tables.

    Calculation variants and curtailment groups in the report

  • The relevant TI areas to be evaluated in the results tables are now highlighted. Relevant exceedances can thus be recognized more quickly and necessary curtailments can be defined more easily.

    Highlighted windbins containing relevant TI-areas to be evaluated

  • In the WT Editor, when selecting the WT design, the designs in the area of the hub height of the WT are highlighted. This is especially advantageous for WTs with many tower and design variants.

    Improved selection drop down list highlighting the relevant designs

We hope you like the new version of wake2e and look forward to your feedback.