Update: User-defined calculation variants and curtailment groups

Wake2e version 3.9-15, released today, provides user-defined calculation variants and grouping of curtailments.

User-defined calculation variants

The calculation variants introduced in version 3.9-14 have been extended: Now it is possible to add your own calculation variants in addition to the predefined variants "Situation prior to WT installation (prior case)" and "Situation after WT installation (default case)".

Different parameters can be set for each calculation variant. This provides the possibility to add calculation variants with different alternatives for e.g. curtailment setup, slope parameters of the S/N-curve as well as the possibility to hide planned wind turbines or to ignore the influence of orography.

The configuration parameters as well as the results of all active calculation variants are documented in the calculation report once your calculation run has been completed. The calculation variants are also part of the w2ez project data file and can therefore be easily backed up and uploaded again.

Curtailment groups

Curtailment groups give you the possibility to define different sets of wind speed dependent operating restrictions (BBS) in a wind farm. You can assess your wind farm project for each of these configurations separately but within one project and one calculation run. Afterwards you can compare the results of your configuration variants.

This is done by using the calculation variants introduced in version 3.9-14 are used: here you can assign individual curtailment groups to your different calculation variants.  All calculation variants with their assigned curtailment groups are documented in the calculation report and can be compared there.