Update: Improved ambient turbulence settings

The new version 2.10.2 of wake2e is online. The "ambient turbulence" menu has slightly been changed in this release.

As an additional feature you are now able to apply orography parameters in your calculation when using measured data of ambient turbulence.
So if you upload an old input file which requires measured data of ambient turbulence (option 3 in the input file), the software will now automatically determine orography parameters from SRTM or external data. If this is not wanted, you have to change the option from 3 to -3 in your input file or deactivate the influence of orography in the "ambient turbulence" menu. This will correspond to the old option 3.

In this context option 0 has been renamed to option 2. However, input files which use option 0 will still be accepted.