Update: Flexible file format and zip download of the result files

We just updated the wake2e-website.

The following new features are now available:

  • A flexible file format:
    The file format of the input file and of the external ambient turbulence and wind data has been redesigned in a more flexible way. csv-formatted files may not only have - as it is the current standard - commas to separate different input data and points as decimal separator in the number formats, but also semicolons to seperate the data. Now if semicolons are used to seperate the data, commas may also be used as decimal seperator in the number formats. In the download area the result files will be provided in the same format as the inputfile which has been used for the project.
  • Download of the zip-archive:
    After the calculation process a zip-archive will be provided in the download area containing the input file and the result files of the calculation. This simplifies the combined download of all project files.

The calculation program itself is not affected by these changes.

We hope you like the new features and we are looking forward to your feedback.