Update: Better Map display and Group function in wake2e

We just updated the wake2e-website.

The following new features are now available:
  • Map display:
    • You can switch the map to full screen mode.
    • A search button was implemented to search for WTs within the map.
  • Wind farm data:
    • You can select a couple of WTs and form a group.
    • The parameters of a group of WTs can be edited simultaneously.
  • File download:
    • The files available for downloading are now displayed as a table.
    • You can preview the files on the web site.
  • A link to the list of all supported wind turbines has been implemented on the calculation page.
Edit a group of WT
The calculation program itself is not affected by these changes.
We hope that you like the new features and we are looking forward to your feedback.