Update: Corine 2012

With the introduction of version 3.8.6 the CORINE land cover dataset of the European Environment Agency (EEA) changes to the newest and now validated Version 18. With the change from version 17 to version 18 the data basis changes from the 2006 data (CLC2006) to the 2012 data (CLC2012). This 6 year interval is associated withs some changes in the dataset. Details about the comparison of the CLC2006 and the CLC2012 product are documented in the „CORINE Land Cover 2012 - Final Validation Report“ der EEA (Document: GIO_CLC2012_Validation_Report_SC2_1_4) which was published 10/02/2017.

We hope that you will appreciate the new features and we are looking forward to your feedback.